2016 February HeadshotMy name is Nathan Pralle, and I am a late-30s man living in the quiet rural hinterlands of north-central Iowa.   I am a personal and professional computer geek, which means that I not only make the world spin by administering and programming computers for a living, but in my spare time I am often hock-deep in Cat-6 and sticks of RAM.   Ever since a young age computing has simply ‘clicked’ with me in ways that very few other things have.   I figured making it a profession wasn’t a bad idea, and it has turned out well so far.

I am more than a computer geek, however.    I am a husband to a wonderful Australian woman named Yolanda.    I am the ever-grateful father to two beautiful sons, K and M.  I Tweet and have lots of online friends.   I am a singer, both in choral groups as a second tenor and in the barbershop style as a baritone.    I play the tuba fairly well.   I like to think of myself as an armchair philosopher with a fierce passion for it but little time for long, drawn-out thoughts.   I have a green thumb.    I am good at construction work.   I draw a very tiny little bit.   I know Spanish and Japanese to some extent or another.   I brew my own beer.

Most of all, I’m trying to be a better person in every manner as I learn how.   I guess that’s my best accomplishment — and my most daunting challenge.