Homeschool Worksheets

We homeschool.   We are not nuts, it just works for our kids.  We’re not religious, either, so we’re not in it for that reason.   It just works for now, so we’re going with it.   Here’s some things I’ve created for this purpose, and if you can use them for your own schooling, awesome.    We get so many free or cheap resources online, I wanted to give back something, too.   So here you are.

Crash Course Computer Science:

Crash Course has created awesome educational series for all sorts of subjects.   Their computer science course is what my eldest is currently working on, so I created worksheets to go along with it.   I’ll do an exam by the end as well.   I will post as I complete things.   My son is technically 4th grade so this material is at least that high, but in reality, is quite a bit higher to suit his advanced studies.