Things I do in my “spare” time to keep me sane.

Vintage Computer Collecting – I have between 80 and 120 different machines in my collection right now, ranging from Commodores to Apples to TRS-80s, Epsons, early IBMs, and some “small iron”.   I adore fiddling with both modern and old technology as I think it’s important to understand where we came from in order to properly move forward.

Quadcoptering – I’m building and testing out my own quadcopter from parts as I think the hobby is fascinating.   So far it’s only resulted in one really impressive crash, but…I’m getting there.   When I have time.

Ingress — I am Level 9 Agent Tarsi210 of the Enlightened.   Join us!

Beer Homebrewing – A hobby I’ve recently taken up and love to do, making great beers at home for myself, my family, and my friends to enjoy.

The River City Barbershop Chorus – I discovered the great and wonderful hobby of barbershop singing in the spring of 2001 and never looked back.

Hampton Municipal Band – The Hampton Municipal Band has been around for a long time and I was fortunate to join in 1994, playing baritone. I now play tuba for them and have a good time putting on concerts in the first month and a half of each summer.

Gourmet Cooking – I love cooking in the gourmet style and try to give myself challenges to rise to, to exercise those abilities.

Gardening – Maybe not my biggest hobby, but I enjoy having a nice garden and flowers. They’re nothing spectacular, but they are pretty and give me food, which I appreciate.

Construction/Home Improvement – Any home improvement we do, I do.   Or I do with my father.    And my father and I do construction work together, mostly rough work, but some finish work, too.    I’m incredibly grateful that he taught me how to be useful with my hands, it’s saved us thousands in labor charges, and I’m intimately familiar with every aspect of my home’s construction, from electrical to plumbing to framing to finish.

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