I am currently employed as the IT Manager for Cambrex USA, serving the Iowa, New Jersey, and North Carolina locations.    Cambrex Corporation is an innovative life sciences company providing products, services and technologies to accelerate the development and commercialization of small molecule therapeutics.    Simply stated, we research, develop, and manufacture human active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) under contract for other companies.   We make the pure drug, not the final form, and then our customers finish and distribute it under their own labels.

My teams administer IT and laboratory technical needs for the 24/7/365 production plant and office staff and provide technical resources to promote and advance the business of Cambrex and its success.   I manage the entirety of the USA IT department including budgeting, procurement, project management, and implementation, as well as participating in systems administration, software maintenance/configuration/programming, and troubleshooting issues.     We are a very lean-and-mean team so we all wear multiple hats and excel at most of them.

I have been professionally involved with computers for over 19 years and personally for over 29.    Besides IT management, I am a seasoned Windows and Linux systems and network administrator and a web application programmer, capable of generating custom, cost-effective systems and middleware designed to enhance and promote business processes.

I have backgrounds in the long-term care industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and industrial manufacturing systems, including all the regulatory requirements surrounding these sectors (FDA, MHRA, DEA, SoX).   A customer-serving and technology-as-a-business-asset mindset is essential in how I operate IT systems for the companies I service.

If you are interested in exploring my potential fit with your organization, I invite you to view my resume below.

Resume of Nathan Pralle — Word Format

Resume of Nathan Pralle — Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

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